Friday, 27 April 2007

release notes for 0.4.9

release at a glance
date 27/04/2007 | version 0.4.9 | download
  • asynchronous stream update (meaning less beach balls, no more interruptions while typing a message and an update starts)
  • added start on login feature (take a look at the preference panel)
  • some really small interface additions (e.g. a click on the icon of a user will open the jaiku page of the user)
  • a number of bugs fixed (related to error handling, user interface problems, application startup, user credential keychain handling and other issues)
problems, issues & missing features
  • streams of user accounts set to private still will not show up
  • still no commenting function (but using the links provided in the bubble and/or the little house icon takes you directly to the entry in your browser)
  • surely a number of undiscovered or overseen bugs left
due to a not so smart design decision in the starting phase of writing juhu, all download requests were synchronously, this meant practically a user interface lock down while an update took place. so if you were typing a message and the update process started, you got interrupted and the beach ball blocked the interface until the download was done. also clicking on the status bar icon while updating wouldn't give you any response (like showing or hiding). I tried to fix this annoying behaviour with this version. however the previous code was kind of really tied to a synchronous request method, so basically large parts of the application had to be rewritten. on the one hand there are a number of positive side effects coming with that: I was able to find and fix some deep down bugs and hopefully make the programm more crash safe, I also could resolve issues regarding missing icons, starting the application and so on and so forth. but on the other hand, I might have created new bugs or recreated already fixed bugs. so please keep your eyes open and let me know what bugs and problems you experience.

I know it is kind of a loop, but I have to thank every single user of juhu - for trying, reporting, letting me know your ideas, commenting and all of that. the development of an application always takes more then the programmers - it is the users that make it work at last. so thanks you all!

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