Friday, 27 April 2007

juhu 0.4.9

There is a more recent version of juhu, please download that one - 0.5.0

and there it is - a new release. internally a lot changed compared to previous releases, on the outside I made some small additions - like the possibility to start juhu automatically at login (option in the preferences panel). and like announced earlier, catching the latest updates from jaiku won't lock up the user interface anymore. this seems a pretty minor change, but from a coding point of view it involved some serious work. another point on the agenda for this version was fixing some bugs and making the application more stable, hopefully that worked out. for more information just take a look at the release notes.

you can download juhu 0.4.9 right here (via mediafire 326kb).


S. Neil Vineberg said...

the icons are not showing up. and still getting error message - Updating Jaiku Stream Failed. The 4.4 version had the icons and the error stopped for a while. Otherwise I love this.

somemorequestions said...

well the icon problem is really starting to nag me. I thought I had fixed it, since some people who experienced the same problem in the past told me, that it works now for them. mh. may I ask you what os x version you are using? and regarding the connection problems: do you get the feed not proper format message? I am really sorry, that things that seemed to work for you are broken again. but I am on it...