Friday, 27 April 2007

some thoughts on commenting.

I am sure you know, that juhu currently does not allow you to post a comment from the application itself. like I mentioned earlier, this lack of functionality is based on the issue of a missing api method to do so. however I am aware of the fact, that there is another way to comment from outside the jaiku pages (like demonstrated by the jaiku windows client jay-q). it involves a somehow little hackish kind of approach - to get a little techie here:
  • get the actual html page of a post (not the feed or json, but the actual web page)
  • extract a validation key from this page, which is needed for commenting
  • doing a plain html post to an undocumented web site interface using the key and appropriate credentials
don't get me wrong, it is absolutely doable, but since it is not an offical way of posting a comment I am not really sure if I should do it this way. for me clicking the link displayed in juhu and typing a comment in the opened up browser window works at least okay right now (please note, that I am more or less a-not-so-many-comments guy. :)). therefore I could wait with adding this feature until the api supports it officially.

but I am not the only juhu user, right? so maybe you have a different opinion and want to let me know what you think. should it be implemented, because after all it is a way to post a comment? or can you wait and use the browser for a little longer?

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