Friday, 21 September 2007

juhu 0.8.7

There is a more recent version of juhu, please download that one - 0.8.9
it's nearly fall and the trees outside are changing their colors - and so does juhu now! so this version comes not only with less bugs, but also the following new features
  • color themes
  • expandable posts (for smaller footprint),
both are accessible via the preferences, so go ahead and try it out! have a fun weekend.

download juhu 0.8.7 here (via google 420kb), or the complete source code from the google code page.


Atoc said...

Awesme, as always :)
Love the new `color themes option

Anonymous said...

I like current style, but those options sure look real nice. Juhu is a great application, thank you for investing your time to develop it!

somemorequestions said...

you are welcome. though I don't have as much time to code as I'd like to, I try to do what I can.