Sunday, 22 April 2007

need help with juhu?

although juhu is still in early beta stage, I will try to provide basic help on installing and using juhu within the next couple of lines.

1. downloading and installing juhu

after downloading the zip archive and unpacking it, you should see the juhu app icon where ever you extracted it to (you may drag it to your applications folder, but you don't have to). a double click should fire up the program. when running it for the first time, a sheet will be displayed and prompt you to enter your account information. at this point you have to be a bit carefull - you have to enter your normal jaiku screen name but the personal key is not your normal password, but a special key that can be obtained from once you have done that, you should be able to send a post and read the public stream. (remark: users of the quicksilver jaiku plugin won't have to enter their account information, since juhu uses the same keychain entry)

2. using and configuring juhu

you can post an update to your presence by entering the text in the provided bubble, adding an icon and a location and hitting the send button.

in the titlebar of the window you find a + (plus) button which toggles between the small and the big view mode, the x (close) button closes the window, but doesn't quit juhu at all. if you click on the statusbar icon, the window will be closed or opened. please note, that when the window is open, but hidden somewhere deep under all the other windows on your screen, you might have to click twice in order to see the juhu window again.

there are to ways to quit juhu: you can go to the preference panel (the tool icon) and use the quit button, or you can simply press command+q on your keyboard.

like mentioned earlier, the tool icon will give you a preference sheet. you can select the stream you want to see (public or contacts), the time between refreshes, whether you want to hear a sound on entrienews or not and the error message behavior there. if you like to check your account information (screen name and personal key), just use the "Account information..." button.

any questions on how to use juhu? post a comment!


Leijon said...

I have a strange problem. I can post messages and read the public stream, but when I set it to my contacts it just says something about not being able to open the stream because there is error in the data or the feed might be broken(!). Any idea?

somemorequestions said...

okay, I have some ideas, but I am not sure if they will help you, but I give it a try anyway. sometimes I myself get this error and then one (broken) feed entry causes a complete stream feed to be unreadable. when such an entry is kicked of the feed (because there are new more recent ones) the contacts should be fetched properly again. so the problem might be temporarily. like I said, that is what happened to me, which is not necessarily what happens in your case. how long are you using juhu? and did it ever show any contact streams?

Leijon said...

Thanks for the quick reply! I got it up and running yesterday but today it's not working again...

To bad on such a wonderful program! :-(