Sunday, 22 April 2007

bug reports for version 0.4.3

due to all the people testing juhu, I am able to give a list of discovered bugs and malfunctions below. if you experienced any problems using juhu, please feel free to add a comment with a short description of what went wrong and maybe the system you are using (version of os x, ppc or intel...). a big thank you to every single one of you helping to improve juhu.

list of bugs (22/04/07)
  1. when you make a post and refresh the stream afterwards, both the list of recent posts and the icon are updated, but the content of the jaiku field remains with the older post (thanks to
  2. application doesn't start after unstuffing the archive and os x claims "it may be damaged or incomplete" (thanks to
  3. home icon for recent post doesn't work on comments (thanks to
  4. posts from channels lack both information on channel and user
  5. problem with number of characters in a post to send - only 139 are sent and displayed number drops down wrong (again thanks to
  6. after quitting juhu the icon in them statusbar remains without a function and gives a system beep (again thanks to
forgot something or is a bug missing you have discovered? then add a comment.


Andie said...

When the icon turns green in the menubar, if I click it the juhu window won't show up, the icon just turns black again. I have to click it a second time to bring up the window.

I'm on a PB G4, latest OS X version.

markosamuli said...

I've been testing juhu for few days now and when I got to work today I found out juhu does not work behind firewall with proxy allowing HTTP connections out. No surprise though, I've many problems with this anyway.

The error message does not describe that this is the reason but "juhu coult not update the stream because the fetched rss data did not appear to be in a proper format."

I'm also not able to activate juhu if there is an error popup open, but I have to find it showing all open windows and close it to show up the juhu window again or force quit the program in Activity Monitor.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've downloaded Juhu and it works fine in getting the public feed but wont get my contacts feed. I'm running OS X with the latest updates and the latest version of Juhu.

When Juhu goes to get my feed I get the message 'juhu could not update the stream because the fetched data did not appear to be a proper rss feed or broken in some way. Therefore juhu was not able to parse the feed correctly, sorry'

thedoctor said...

There seems to be some sort of memory leak. After running Juhu for several hours (probably around 12), the Virtual Memory column in Activity Monitor showed 985 MB. After restarting, 386 MB. This on 10.4.10 on a first-gen 17" MacBook Pro (Core Duo, not Core 2)

thedoctor said...

BTW, the last was for version 0.8.9 of Juhu