Wednesday, 26 November 2008

juhu 0.9.8

There is a more recent version of juhu, please download that one - 0.9.9

hello juhu users! you might be surprised by its sheer existence, but here it is - 0.9.8! I'll give you the details later, for now just enjoy the download:

get juhu 0.9.8 from here (via google 541kb), or the complete source code from the google code page.

update: and as promised earlier, here are some details for this release. first things first - this release is not packed with new features and stuff, it is more like a 'making it right' version, which on the one hand fixes a couple of known issues and on the other hand cleans up the code base.
I see it as a prep release for 1.0.0 (which might come with some cool new features), but until then, take it for what it is. having said that, there are two tiny new features - a new theme (the other grey) and clickable location links.

you might ask yourselves why I chose to jump to 0.9.8 (from 0.9.0) for such a minor release. besides the fact, that version numbers are pretty arbitrary in the first place, the 0.0.8 felt right - since it is the first release in 2008! I know - shockingly there is your reason. but for now you kids have fun and I go on pursuing my day job.

update 2: did I mention before, that there is a new application icon? no? well there is - thanks to benjamin a. wendelboe.


Lloyd said...

Err, intel only as well?

somemorequestions said...

I am sorry, but Xcode really messed up the build options! I fix that as soon as possible. thanks for the comment.