Thursday, 22 November 2007

mobile juhu 0.4.3

I found some quiet minutes in my bussy schedule and used them wisely: I put together the next mobile juhu release. 

this one not only comes with less bugs, but also with a new feature: in addition to post your most recent safari url, you now can insert the current (music) track too. so go ahead and play with it, you can download the binary for a manual installation right here (282kb). and I hope that in a couple of days the update will also be available via (thanks again to Shaun T. Erickson for giving mobile juhu a home on the ste repository). 

and as always, the complete source code is just waiting to be downloaded from the google code page.

have a nice week (and a happy thanksgiving).


Mista C said...

Hello! Really like the Juhu app, but is anyone reading the Googlecode issues?

somemorequestions said...

hi there,
yes I am reading the issue list - at least once in a while :) but seriously, this month is a really bussy one and I don't have much time to do actual bug fixing.
I know however, that there is a problem related to standbys and no connection errors. this will be addressed as soon as possible. thanks for the feedback.

Mista C said...

Great! I like the program but this is really getting on my nerves ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm running mobileJuhu on firmware 1.1.4 and it stopped updating my feed. It updated all the posts except for the last 5 or 6. Not sure if this app has been 1.1.4 tested or not... but would love to see it updated.

It's a great client... plz don't let it die.

somemorequestions said...

hi there,

indeed I did not do any testing on 1.1.4 (since I only have a 1.1.3 jailbroken phone right now), but in the past problems with missing posts were sometimes related to jaiku server issues. I am not saying that this has to be the case, but it might as well be.

as far as 'letting the app die' goes, I am right now focusing on rewriting the whole client for the official iphone sdk, so mobile juhu will definitely not die, but the version for jailbroken phones might not see any updates in the next weeks, sorry, I just can't handle two completely different branches of code right now.

but thanks for the bug report. :)

Covent said...

when I enter installer on my iPhone and go to network (or search) it can't find mobile juhu.

I have installed the community sources. My installer on my iPhone is 4.0b6