Wednesday, 1 August 2007

juhu 0.8.3

There is a more recent version of juhu, please download that one - 0.8.4

well, if the last one took a while, then this one... I know, and I am really sorry about that, but spare time was rare time over the last couple of months. anyway, here it is - the new release - 0.8.3. since the last one wasn't exactly stable based upon some general problems I ran into, I decided to do a little redesigning, so in big parts juhu is a new app - both visually and from a coding standpoint of view. what does that mean? well, it should mean less crashes and a more stable and usable application (and it also explains the quite big jump in the version number). I hope all of you give it a try and at least some give me feedback. thank you.

sincerly, the programmer.

juhu 0.8.3 can be downloaded here (via google 392kb), the complete source code is available at the google code page and more screenshots are provided over there.


pedro figueiredo said...

it's very shiny, i have only two comments:

* it's not shrinkable like the previous one, i really liked that
* i'd also like it to remove read jaikus.

other than that, excellent, thank you!

somemorequestions said...

thank you very much pedro. the problem with read jaikus is simply that the interface right now doesn't know which one you've read and which one not. since the interface might eventually catch up on that, the option of hiding read jaikus might return...

oh, and a small question - with shrinkable you mean the small window mode of the earlier versions? what exactly are you missing there? the line with the last jaiku?

thanks again for letting me know what you think. :)

darren said...

fantastic, welcome back - looking forward to testing this later.

atoc said...

Thanks for all your hard work.
Nice and shiney, as always \m/

Ideas for a future addition to public, contacts: channels and the option to select which one to view on the main interface instead of via the options screen.

If it doesn't appear until v 1.0 I wouldn't complain, juhu rocks as is

...I use a couple different jaiku apps on my windows machine at work and something as perty as juhu is sorely missed :)

iMorpheus said...

Juhu now takes up more space but displays fewer jaikus.

Please, Mr. Programmer man, for the sake of all things shiny and nice, bring the middle pane from 0.6.7 back!

I am beggin' you.

Anonymous said...

New design is interesting however I have gone back to 0.6.7 as it's nicer to use. I can see more previous entries than the new version.

Can't you provide an option to allow either interface view to be used?