Sunday, 13 May 2007

juhu 0.6.3

There is a more recent version of juhu, please download that one - 0.6.5

this one took a little bit longer to come around, because on the one hand my spare time was occupied otherwise and on the other hand cocoa split views didn't want to make friends with me out of the box... nevertheless here it is!

the main work went into something pretty unspectacular - juhu scales now. you can resize the window and make the boxes bigger or smaller. nice, but there is more - sometimes I posted comments as normal posts, or simply mistyped something - going to the jaiku pages only to delete a post... mh, not the best solution, right? so I added a delete feature for posts and comments (trash icon beneath a post), I use quite a lot. besides the always todo bugfixing and some smaller changes within the interface (re-organised icons, etc.), I also added update notifaction - so if there is a newer version, juhu will tell you from now on (to disable that, just go to the preferences and uncheck the box)

enough said, now it's your turn. try it and tell me what you think, what you like, what you don't like or what problems you have using juhu. I'll try to help where I can.

juhu 0.6.3 can be downloaded here (via google 421kb). the complete source code is available at the google code page.


NIK said...

Thanks for the update. It's looking good.

somemorequestions said...

you are welcome. :)

Steve said...

This is great - nice job. I know that twitterrific allows twitter users to update both iChat and Skype status (on OS X) when they post updates; could this functionality be included in Juhu also?

somemorequestions said...

thank you. I never used this feature with twitterrific, so please correct me, if I get it wrong - a post is set as status for ichat and skype, right? I guess this will be doable. I can't promise anything, but I definitly look into it, okay?

keizo said...

Thanks this one looks good, however I couldn't get my contacts stream.

Do I have to just wait to get stream ?

Keri said...

This is very sweet. Great job.

somemorequestions said...

@keizo: I took a look at your jaiku presence, you are from japan, right? juhu has some problems fetching japanese characters properly, the feeds I catch from jaiku seem to be not really utf-8 encoded. this could be the reason, why you can't get your contacts stream. but I am working on it. thanks for letting me know... :)

Dan Lurie said...

Some comments:

We need linewrap on the jaku's like in twittweriffic.

We need more visual deliniation between jaikus.

Overall, the UI leaves quite a bit to be desired. I'd actually be happy to help out (disclaimer: I am a designer) if you'd like.

oli_ said...

great app.
not a big fan of all the colors, i like the soberness of twitteriffic better though.
the Adium/iChat status would be great.
and, question, is there a way to post in channels?

Robin said...

Great app – thank you! Another feature request: could you include Growl support (some day)? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great work..!!! It'll be great if we can see how many comments there are for the jaiku..

Steven Kaye said...

Chris Forsythe asks that you check out so they can list Juhu