Thursday, 3 May 2007

juhu 0.5.2

There is a more recent version of juhu, please download that one - 0.5.8

time for another release. like always I fixed some minor bugs and issues. and there is a new featureon the interface side of things: hotkey support! right now you can only use the default key combination ⌥⌘J to activate/deactive juhu - but hey, it is a hotkey, right? however, I plan to make this costumizable with upcoming releases. and last but not least: I readded the lost two icons - the bike and the toaster. so just download and have with juhu and jaiku on your os x desktop.

juhu 0.5.2 can be downloaded here (via google 369kb).

you can get the complete source code from the google code project page.


Peter Garner said...

Feature request: Make the "Latest: ..." field clickable. One of cool things about Jaiku is the ability to comment on other people's posts. A couple of times now, I've wanted to comment on the latest Jaiku to show up in Juhu, and this would so much easier if you could just click on it.

Not sure if this is very feasible for you (or maybe something like this is already implemented but I haven't found it yet), but I thought I'd mention it. Otherwise, I'm really digging the app.


somemorequestions said...

well, commenting directly from juhu is not supported yet (since the jaiku api doesn't implement it). but in the big window mode (plus in the titlebar) you can go straight forward to the presence page and add your comment there by clicking the house symbol in the bubble. I guess will add the same feature with the Latest label in small mode, if this is what you want. And by the way: thank you for using juhu. :)