Saturday, 21 April 2007

release notes for version 0.4.3

release at a glance
date 21/04/2007 | version 0.4.3 | download
  • a couple of bugs fixed
  • some changes related to the user interface (small & big mode)
problems, issues & missing features
  • if a user account is set to private, juhu will not be able to show the contacts stream (but at least it should not crash anymore)
  • a commenting function is still missing (due to the fact that the jaiku api doesn't support that yet)
  • if a post is from a channel, no user information is shown (because that rss feed juhu is catching doesn't contain it)
  • and for sure there is a number of bugs left

hopefully this version is more stable and less buggy, I tried to fix all bugs that I was able to recreate. But please remember - it's still an early beta version. Let me give you some general remarks on a comment function: I really would like to implement something that lets you comment on posts, but right now there is no way I know about, to do that from outside the jaiku pages. (Maybe someone knows better?)

Last but not least, I really have to thank all of you, who tried previous versions, reported a bug, or answered my questions. If it was without you, all the bug tracking - and the developement in general - would be much harder.

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