Monday, 23 April 2007

make sure you use version 0.4.4

after the updates of the jaiku service, a bug in version 0.4.3 will not only prevent the application from working well, but also possibly hammer at the jaiku servers, so please don't use 0.4.3 anymore and download 0.4.4. thank you for your appreciation. and a big sorry to the jaiku guys!


jason said...

great app, i have been waiting for something like this for jaiku for a while as I've been using twitterrific for a while to interface with twitter. please keep up the good work, you're filling a big time-wasting need

juhu user said...

may i suggest creating a juhu profile in jaiku. this way us users can subscribe to it and be updated on new versions, problems, etc. maybe link it to your blogs rss feed.

somemorequestions said...

that is a wonderfull idea. I think with the next release there will also be a jaiku profile for juhu!